Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thursday, March 4, 2010
Abacus Drogheda Needs Your Vote: in the AIB Better Ireland

Abacus Parents Assocation is working everyday to maintain the additional services which are essential to the most effective intervention for our kids.

Abacus Drogheda is in the final 3 for the AIB Better Ireland grant scheme.

The group who comes 3rd gets €2,000,

2nd Place will get €3,000

But If we win we get €5,000 !!!

You can help simply by Texting:

DROGHED-B to 51303 as many times as you can. And by telling everyone you know to do it too.
Texts are charged at the standard text rate

Go to:

And then select: Louth in the County List and Drogheda in the Branch List,... See more

Then select B for Abaile

You can vote once per day per email address. So if you have several email addresses please place a vote for each one. And it costs you nothing.


  1. I don't know if it is my computer or not but I tried to click on the link and it didn't work. I will try again later. Is it okay for me to vote even though I am in the United States?

  2. I copied and pasted this time and it worked. I will go back again later to vote again as time permits. It's for a good cause and well worth the time so I don't mind at all.