Sunday, January 24, 2010

Seven things about me!

Well here goes nothing, all my esteemed bloggers have blurted out there seven things so I will embark on the same mission. I warn you all it may be extremely boring as I live such a dull and sheltered life lol.

1. I have a dread of being late for anything, this has been a major blight in my life as if I am
even a minute late I break out into a cold sweat which gets progressively worse the later I

2. I once foolishly went skinny dipping in Majorca in the middle of the night while very pissed
with my friend and two guys we met, I got out in the middle of the bay in Santa Ponsa and
promptly got stung by a jellyfish!! It was not a thing to be repeated.

3. I have a absolutely crippling fear of Piers as a result of my dad nearly backing the car off one
down in Wexford, I actually get out of the car if we have to go on one and I am so paranoid I
take the children with me.

4. This will be hard to believe but a guy I used to go out with threatened to commit suicide when
I broke up with him, he is alive and well to this day!

5. I used to be a solo singer in the choir in School, I also did drama and was in productions in my

6. I have a very high pain threshold, I know this because when I was in labour with my first
child they kept offering me a epidural and I refused, after 24 hours they were amazed I
never asked for it and told me that they could count on one hand the amount of women who
turned it down!

7. Finally I am fiercely loyal to my friends and would do anything to protect them, however I
hate to be made a fool of and find it very hard to forgive someone for doing it.