Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Its life Jim but not as we know it!!

Kyle was a very placid baby, he slept when he was supposed to, fed when he was hungry and hardly ever cryed. I thought that his perfect temperament was a reward from God for putting up with having a very difficult child beforehand. Two and a half years of bliss with him ensured, he was such a joy to have, it never occurred to us that his speech wasn't age appropriate, that he walked at seventeen months in comparison to Lauren at ten months, he was just our perfect child and we felt blessed.
However our bliss was shortlived as at the age of two and half while getting ready for bed in our room he suddenly let out a earsplitting scream, it was almost inhuman, his eyes started to roll and he started to foam at the mouth, dear god what was going on with my beautiful boy, we immediately called a ambulance and then my parents to look after Lauren while we quickly bundled him into the ambulance and sped off towards Tallaght hospital.
I will never forget that journey, all sorts of things ran through my mind. He arrived into a and e and was admitted that night for observation, they thought it was viral and he would be fine so I left to come home and my husband stayed with him, I had to get Lauren to school the next day and the plan was to go to the hospital straight afterwards, however this plan failed as at six in the morning I got a frantic call from Gary to say it had happened again and to come immediately.
I dressed myself not really knowing if the right clothes went on the right places and ran like a banshee from my parents house with my dad hot on my heels, we raced to the hospital and within five minutes of me being there it happened again, I was beside myself, all sorts of possibilities were being thrown out there by the doctors, could be meningistis, could be brain tumour we are going to do a mri and a cat scan to see whats going on, he will be sedated for the next while to stop the seizures. I watched as they took my baby down to the theatre with me running after his bed, he looked so small and helpless with tubes everywhere and I realised we were in for a very harrowing time.


  1. Welcome to Blogsphere Andra! So sorry I'm late in catching up.

    Sounds like an incredible journey Andra and I'm hooked already. You've been through quite a lot.
    xx Jazzy

  2. god andra, memories and flash backs, its awful and you never get over it xxxxx

  3. ah andra, must have been so frightening. Ur a brave woman xxx

  4. God Andra, Munchkin only had two seizures but I'll never forget them to this day. You must have been scared stiff xxx

  5. A parents worst nightmare, the hospital trips are terrifying, we had a few for breathing difficulties and I ill never ever forget them. Honestly, I feel like I am standing beside you when I read this. xxx Jen

  6. It hits you like a ton of bricks when you realise your child is sick and there is NOTHING you can do. You're a great story teller - keep them coming!

  7. again I'm crying (shaking my head) I don't cry often but for some reason you and your story just gets to me :) in a good way :).

    I 2 had the perfect little boy untill he started pre-school and they told me was not so perfect. I was sooo angry with them because he is perfect, just a different kind of perfect :)
    And so is yours :D