Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sex and the City.

I was watching a re run of Sex and the City last night and it struck me that our Fb group are all similiar in ways of the characters in this program. Some are more reserved like Charlotte, some are more blatant like Samantha, others are more cautious like Miranda and all of us are hiding behind a computer like Carrie! Carrie goes through life pondering on love, life and all the things that goes with it and we do the same although the love aspect is directed towards our children in our cases and not some fantastic Mr Big!!
We ponder on our children's future and happiness and how we can find their full potential, but most of all we wonder how they will find their way in this world. This world is bold and brash just like Samantha and some of our little ones will be frightenened in experiencing this world, the key is to be able to get them to work around it and learn to live with it as best they can. All we parents can do is give them the tools with which to learn and give them love and encouragement to be brave and face the future head on.
I feel when I write these blogs I am just like Carrie Bradshaw, alright who am I kidding I am not a skinny goddess but I am pondering on love and life just like she does and also have a great affinity for shoes!!
I wonder are we afraid to face the future head on unlike our children who try new experiences when we least expect them too, do we do the same as they do, no we don't because we know better, we have learned fear of the unknown and therefore don't put ourselves in harms way. Our children learn from example so maybe we should all take a leaf out of their books and have a leap of faith and face the future with courage and not fear and trepidation of what is to come. Maybe just like Carrie who is hopeful and takes chances on love we should do the same and start the new year with hope and love in our hearts, after all what goes around comes around so here's hoping that love and hope wings its way to us all this year.


  1. Great post Andra! It is difficult for me to keep the fear away about the future of my child, but usually I win the battle and the positive thoughts overcome the fear. I can help but to wonder what will happen to Griffin when the girls start to notice him and show interest in him. Will he be social and respond or be oblivious to them? I wonder if he will ever be able to live independently or drive a car.....

    Thanks for the post and giving us something to think about. The gift of the present is always here for the taking and it should be appreciated with love and compassion....and understanding. If one lets those prevail then there is no room for worry and fear!

  2. would love the excitement of being one of those women lol! great blog xx

  3. great blog xxx ya i too fear what life has in store for us but as you said, we just have to take that leap of faith and hope.......

  4. and to you andra, may 2010 be the year where we catch a break, get some luck and go sky diving, oh id love to do that lol

  5. Trying to figure out who is who in our SATC characters.... Samantha is a no brainer lol!

    Lovely post xxx

  6. I feel very much the same Andra...that we expect so much of our little ones, and are such big cowards ourselves...but then we KNOW what's out there (most of the time) and we dont have parents to catch us when we fall.
    It's a fab aspiration to be as courageous as our kids.
    Hammie is DEF Carrie, most of us are Miranda/Charlotte hybrids and there are a few lucky souls out there who are Samanthas... XXX

  7. I think I am definitely a Charlotte, would love to be a Samantha though and not give a damn about anything and have bucketloads of confidence. lol

  8. The love and hope is there for all of us. If we happen to forget that some days then our FB friends are there to remind us. Lovely post:) Jen

  9. Lovely Andra and Jean Jeannie- always good to keep in mind how brave our kids need to be to do what they do

  10. Fab post Andra! And so,so true.

    You know, I often think of us and our kids when I watch SATC too. I remember the eposide about "Men as Socks"....that analgy was sparking something in me but I never followed it through. Your analgy is perfect;)) xx Jazzy

  11. nice one andra...great analogy.....

    "behold the turtle..he makes great progress only when he sticks his neck out...."

    dunno where i read that once but stuck with me and guess its true of all of us special ma's...really need to get back to blogland...missin out on so much....

    xx Samantha lol...

  12. well said andra, cant figure out who i am though lol